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School Policies

Uniform Expectations

It is expected that all students will be in uniform, as specified in the current Uniform Policy while attending school, at school functions, when representing the school and travelling to and from school.

Students’ are expected to be neat and tidy at all times. This includes wearing a clean uniform, appropriate shoes.

If for an unavoidable reason a student is unable to meet the uniform requirements on a particular day, then parents/guardians are requested to forward a note in the diary with explanation to the Homegroup Teacher.

When student’s dress does not meet the school requirements and no explanation has been given, parents/guardians will be notified. Where ongoing non-compliance occurs, disciplinary action may be taken, e.g. a student may not be able to attend certain classes if incorrect footwear is worn and hence must go to the Timeout Room.

We are a Sunsmart school and have a “no hat – no play/sit in the sun” policy both during lesson time and at recess and lunch. Bucket / brimmed hats are to be worn for all outdoor activities.

Jewellery should not be worn as it is a safety risk in practical areas. A watch, plain ring and plain ear studs/sleepers are preferred. No other visible body piercing is acceptable.

Jeans are not part of the uniform and track pants or jeans are not to be worn under long skirts.


Jumper - dark brown wool with green bands at waist, cuff and V-neck

Windcheater - bottle Green polar fleece.

Scarf - bottle green

Shoes – closed in supportive black shoes or sandshoes preferred as per OHSW requirements

Socks – plain grey or white socks preferred - football socks are not acceptable

Shirts - green or white polo with school logo.

Pants (boys) - grey pants or grey shorts

Pants (girls) – grey pants

Skirt – Summer bottle green / Winter  box pleated tartan fabric.


Click here to view our Uniform brochure

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Sports Uniform

The Sports Uniform is compulsory for all events when representing the school. Uniform tops and warm up jackets are provided by the school, with the organizing teacher booking out the uniforms from the library. Plain black shorts or plain black track pants should be worn.

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Physical Education

Students are required to change into sports gear for ALL Physical Education lessons. A change of clothes is necessary, as students must change back into school uniform at the end of the lesson – including at the end of the day. Pants - black sports shorts / black track pants Shirts - a GHS sport polo shirt is available for sale (at the Middle Campus Admin office.) -  a cotton T Shirt in school or House colours is also acceptable Shoes - sandshoes and a change of socks is recommended

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Casual Days (uniform free days)

Approximately once each term the School and Student Representative Council designates a “Casual Day” in order to raise funds to support a charitable cause. On these occasions the following applies:

Shoulders must be fully covered (no thin strap styles; sleeveless tops OK)
No low necklines or very brief skirts permitted
Bare midriffs not permitted (tops and bottoms must overlap)
No inappropriate logos
Footwear must meet safety requirements for entry into Science laboratories and Technical Studies areas
Jewellery should be kept to a minimum.

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Personal Property

Please ensure that all items of personal property are clearly marked with your name and are kept with you at all times. Large sums of money and non-essential items of value must NOT be brought to school (eg. MP3 players, computer games etc.) Small amounts of money, calculators, and other valuables should NOT be left unattended in bags or on desks. The school cannot accept any responsibility for items lost or stolen.

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Mobile Phones

Mobile phones brought to school MUST remain out of site and be turned OFF during school hours. That means, for example, that they cannot be used to send messages, be set to silent alert, nor as a clock or calculator. This applies to recess, lunch and other breaks. Failure to comply will result in the phone being confiscated for a period of time. Emergency contact during the day, whether it be students contacting parents or parents contacting students, must be conducted through Student Reception. As with any property, the school cannot accept any responsibility for phones that are lost or stolen.

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Bullying and Harassment

Click on the link below to view the Bullying and Harassment policy.

Bullying and Harassment Policy

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