Glossop High School – Consolidation Questions and Answers

1. Why will the school be consolidated to Berri rather than Glossop Campus? Is there enough room? Will TAFE be separate?

New facilities to house students in year 7 to 10 will be built in Berri adjacent to the current Glossop High School Senior Campus. Initial investigations show there is adequate space for the new development and suitable land is available. The new facility will allow greater access to improved IT services, utilities and community engagement as it will be located in a regional centre.
TAFE will not be amalgamated with the school and will continue as a standalone tertiary option for students when they leave school or engage in vocational programs as part of their senior schooling. There will be no change to the way TAFE complements our programs now. TAFE students will not be on the school campus.

2. What will be the impact on senior students and their learning, during the build and when all are on one campus?

During the building phase the Senior Campus will be operating as usual and planning is underway to ensure student learning is not impacted. There are likely to be excellent opportunities for work experience and school based apprenticeships and traineeships as multiple trades will be involved in the building process.
When all students are on one campus, learning for senior students will be improved. Specialist staff will be more available to students as they will be permanently based at one site and resources will be improved as they will not be split between two sites. Travel between sites for meetings, assemblies, events and to access facilities will no longer take valuable learning time. Senior students will have access to some of the new and refurbished facilities. Senior students will have greater opportunities for leadership through working with and leading younger students and being role models.

3. How will the history be honoured? What happens to the current site?

In planning for consolidation the proud history of the school will be captured and honoured in ways that are agreed by the school community. The furnishings and fittings from the Glossop Campus will also be repurposed in the new site where possible, this is important to minimise costs, maximise resources and reduce environmental impact.

4. Will the school change its name?

The Department for Education has a procedure for school names changes that must be adhered to. This procedure requires consultation with the school community prior to any changes. There is criteria for choosing a suitable name which must be agreed to by the surveyor-general, the Chief Executive and the Minister.

5. Why are the Year 7 students being included?

It is a state government decision that all year 7 public school students will be taught in high school from term 1, 2022. Year 7 students are already a part of high school in all other Australian states and territories. All public high schools will enrol year 7 students in 2022.

6. Will the uniform change?

We will put this decision to the school community at an appropriate time in the future. Should the school community decide to review the school uniform as part of the school consolidation there is a Department for Education school dress code procedure that must be followed. The elected Governing Council is responsible for reviewing and endorsing school uniforms. As always with uniform changes there would be a transition plan.

7. Will there be new speciality spaces?

Yes, in the planning and design phase an audit of learning needs, now and in the future will drive decisions around the type of modern facilities our students need to maximise learning opportunities.

Consolidation Progress Updates

Completed Performing Arts building

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